We see them every day on our highways, main roads and side streets, so you can never avoid large commercial trucks. Common sense tells you not to cut in front of trucks and always allow ample space between your car and a large truck. Nevertheless, every day we hear about motorists who decided to dart out in front of a truck or tailgate with dire consequences.

Maybe these unfortunate drivers forgot about Physics 101, which tells you that a vehicle that weighs 40 to 50 times more than your average passenger car can cause some serious damage when the two meet. At Clancy’s Auto Body, located in Oakland Park want to make sure everyone drives safely, and arrives home without incident. Therefore, here are some helpful directives that you can follow if you do not want to be smashed by an enormous truck, brought to you by all of us at Clancy’s Auto Body.

helpful directives• Stay back as much as you can and never move into the blind spot to the left and rear of the truck cab. If they cannot see you, you are in danger.

• If being passed by a truck, do not ever increase your speed. If fact, ease up on the old gas pedal and let the truck pass safely. A flash of the headlights tells the truck driver when it is safe to re-enter the lane.

• Be especially alert when you are driving in the proximity of a large truck on a downhill. Trucks can lose their braking on hills, so stay as far away from them as you possibly can–just in case.

• Never get into a road rage incident with any other vehicle, but especially with a large commercial truck. Remember, they are working and you don’t know how many hours they have already logged today. So, give them a wide berth and a break, because they’re on the job and just trying to make a fair buck like all of us.

• Since a truck uses its entire lane, avoid from traveling right on the center line, in order to give you ample space between opposing traffic. If you have to stop for whatever reason, park well clear of the roadway. We read about too many drivers who did not get far enough off the side of the road with fatal results–so stay clear and as far away as you can.

• For safe passing, remember these simple tips. If you are directly behind the truck, your visibility is obviously impaired, so stay back so you can see better. Be certain that you can see enough of the road to pass safely and always pass quickly but sensibly. Don’t re-enter the lane until you see both the trucks headlights, this allows a safe space.

We have a lot of large commercial trucks here in Oakland Park and all over the state of FL, so please be safe whenever driving around these behemoths. Remember, the most important thing is to make sure truck drivers can see you and give them a lot of space so that they can do their jobs.

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