Clancy offers full-service top-quality body repair services for all foreign and domestic cars, SUVs and vans. All of our mechanics are experienced professionals who handle each and every project with the utmost professionalism, whether it’s a small repair or a major overhaul. We work with all major insurance companies and accept all insurance claims. Rentals available with discounted rates.


Whether you want to refresh the look of your car or cover up a nasty scratch, Clancy’s expertly-trained technicians will work with you to determine the type of paint and service you need for your vehicle. We’ll inspect the car together to identify the work needed to achieve the results you want. We use the highest quality materials for your vehicle, and work quickly and professionally.


If you love your car, you’re going to love the care Clancy’s gives it when you come in for an auto detailing treatment. We thoroughly clean, restore, polish and protect all the exterior and interior surfaces, and inspect every aspect of the finish. We use the newest equipment to produce the very best results, and strive to stay at the forefront of industry technologies. Our detailing professionals live and breathe their passion for cars, and it shows.


Clancy’s Auto Body and Star 9 Ceramic partnered to provide ceramic coating that is specially formulated with greater than 9H hardness for extreme scratch and chip resistance, UV rays and corrosion protection. Our advanced car ceramic coating system permanently “bonds” to vehicle paint and other surfaces and withstand extreme heat up to 1400 degrees° F. The coating is a crystal-clear liquid multi-layered application and the coating thickness can be increased with additional layers to provide a thicker and harder multi-layered lifetime protection.


Protecting and preserving your brand-new truck is something every owner thinks about. Trucks are built for roughhousing, but protection is key for sustaining its value over time. If you plan to really use your truck and the truck bed isn’t properly protected, it’s going to get nasty.


New car leases are at an all time high. According to one article in US News & World Report notes leasing now accounts for around 30 percent of all new car sales.

This also means knowing your lease return process is more important then ever. Don’t give them a reason to claim excess wear when you return the car. Stop by for a review and inspection of the interior and exterior before turning in your lease.


Clancy’s Auto Body will work with you to transform your vehicle into a new machine with a complete set of aftermarket or original factory accessories.